E-design has become a very popular platform for individuals across the globe to receive professional design help at an affordable rate. But choosing a designer to do the work can be very overwhelming and confusing! There are so many options out there with a wide range of what is offered in the final package, as well as how much the package costs. It's ultimately up to you, the consumer, to decide what designer is right for you.

Like anything, I would do your research. Learn about the designers style, their credentials/experience level, how they work, and what the final package entails before you decide if its worth the investment. 

A lot of people have the illusion that E-Design is a quick project that the designer spends a couple of hours to throw together, and sends the client off with a pretty inspiration board to then figure out how to implement in their home. And some E-Design packages offer just that, but I personally don't feel this method will help the client be successful with what they are trying to achieve.

The step-by-step process, attention to detail and research that I put into every E-Design package is at the exact same level as working with local clients.

The only difference is the E-Design client takes over after the presentation has been approved and completes all the purchasing and installation, which is as easy as clicking the link to the product and entering in your credit card information.

Click. Boom. Done. 

Every client of mine, whether E-design or local, has access to their very own design studio which is an amazing, interactive tool that I use to organize and manage your project, all the while keeping you (the client) informed and involved with every step along the way. And when we complete your E-Design package, I want you to have every tool available to easily and efficiently execute the next step. If I've done my job right, it should be a no brainer for you. So lets dive in and take a peak into an example of the Online Design Studio so you can easily understand just what the heck it is, what is included, and how easy it will be to implement your design!

so is e-design right for you?!

If you are someone who doesn't mind doing a little DIY work and is willing to tackle the purchasing and installation, then E-Design is absolutely right for you!

The investment that you will make to gain a thoughtful, well planned out space that reflects your personal style and needs will pay itself back with the time and money you will save from making sub-par decorating decisions.

How many times have you purchased an item for your home you thought you loved to then discover that it wasn't the right fit for your space? Or how many times have you agonized over a paint color, only to find its looks entirely different on your wall than it did on the paint chip and had to hire someone to repaint...again!  These are common problems that can be easily solved working with a Designer that reflects your style and needs. And since I believe you can't make a final decision on fabrics, colors or materials without physically seeing and touching the product in your space, I take the process a step further by mailing you a selection of samples that are available to help aide in your final decision. 


So if you feel like E-Design is something you would like to try, and you feel we would be a good fit, feel free check out the packages that I offer, or contact me with any more questions you may have! I'd be happy to chat with you.

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