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It's Tuesday and you know what that means!! Yup. It means we are talking trends.

A few months back, I talked about Shibori , the ancient Japanese art of tie-dye and how this trend was blowing up the internet. Well the Global Textile trend has caught on like wildfire and another form of ancient textile pattern is taking over, this time from Africa and its called  Bogolanfini, or mud cloth.

In a nutshell, mud cloth is made by painting the fabric with a mud-dye mixture that s left to dry and then washed out. The light areas are followed up by a bleach solution to really make the pattern stand out. The Smithsonian has an incredibly interesting online exhibit where you can learn more about the Bogolanfini process, and even create your own virtual mud cloth design!

Most of the mud cloth textiles I have seen lately have been in pillow form. Its a fun way to bring this globally sourced trend into your home since pillows are one of the easiest decor item to swap out and freshen up your space!

MudCloth is not limited to pillows however. Here are a few other applications where this pattern is popping up.

via mydomaine

via mydomaine

via Etsy

via Etsy

So what do you thick of this fun, handmade textile pattern? Planning on adding any mud cloth into your home decor? I think I might have to have to add a fun indigo pillow to my collection, so when I was on the hunt for the perfect one, I found all these fabulous options and compiled them into one big handy dandy guide for you:)  Happy Shopping!

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