step by step design process

For all my projects, both local and online, I follow a simple, flexible, 10 step system that helps explain my design process so you know what to expect and when. VIP clients will work with me throughout all 10 steps. For Online & DIY clients, we only work together for some of the steps as outlined, but by following this process you will have all the tools you need to stay organized and successfully implement the design yourself! 


step 1 - initial Consultation

This is where our first introductions begin! We will chat on the phone, meet in person, or communicate through email or FaceTime to discuss your project needs and wants. I will gather all the information needed to deliver a detailed quote that will be delivered in Step 2.


agreement-business-close-up-175045 (1).jpg

step 2 - agreement

After our initial consultation, I will set you up with your very own personal online design studio where you will be presented with your quote and contract outline the scope of work and payment terms. To make it a quick and easy process, the contract and any payments can all be accepted online, through your studio! Once the agreement has been accepted, your project officially begins! 

view a demo of the online design studio


step 3 - gathering of information

In this step, I will be gathering all and any information I need to begin your project such as measurements, photos, style questionnaires, etc. If you are local and we are working on a construction project,  I would also be meeting with any applicable contractors or trades.


step 4 - design

Where the magic begins! This step may take 3-6 weeks or more depending on the scope and size of the project. Here is where I start planning, sourcing and creating the design plan for your home! 


step 5 - presentation

Everybodys favorite step! At this point, you get to see your long awaited design presented in the form of design boards, samples, floor plans and 3D renderings. You will also be presented with any applicable shopping lists, and will be able to review your budget breakdown. 


step 6 - final adjustments

This step is where we make any final adjustments to ensure the project is to your exact satisfaction before beginning the ordering process.

For most local DIY & online clients, this is where the process ends as you will be in charge of the ordering and installation steps. However, I will always be available through your online design studio to help with any questions that may arise!


step 7 - ordering

Once the design is finalized, materials, cabinetry and furnishings are ready to be ordered. 

Online & DIY  clients:  This step is where you take over and start implementing your design! Nows the time to start purchasing furnishings, materials,  and getting quotes from trades and cabinetry manufacturers.

VIP Clients: Kick back and relax. I handle this step!


step 8 - installation

The design comes to life in this step! In new construction and renovations, this step is more drawn out as cabinetry, lighting, flooring, etc is installed. Furnishings and larger items are delivered and put into place.

Online or DIY clients: You will be overseeing the delivery and installation process.

VIP Clinets: I will co-ordiante deliverires, and work with your trades and contractors to ensure everything is running smoothly and installed correctly. 


step 9 - finishing touches

We're almost to the home stretch! In this final steps, the entire design will start to look camera ready as window treatments and artwork are hung, accessories are placed and styled, and pillows are fluffed.

DIY clients: You may decide to have me come back for a few hours and help with accessorizing to give your space a professional, polished look. 

VIP clients: I'll be taking over your home for the day to apply the finishing touches. You will walk through your door at the end of the day to a brand new space!


Step 10 - walkthrough & presentation of project binder

For my VIP clients, we will do a final walk through to note any deficiencies, and I will present you with a project binder that holds any applicable paperwork and information I have collected relating to your project.

Nows the tie to kick back, relax, and enjoy your new space!

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