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The One Room Challenge Week 6 ~ The Reveal!!

t's finally here!! And I finished JUST under the wire! Phew! I've learned a LOT from this challenge, but I am so glad its done. I can't believe I actually waited so long to finish our Master Bedroom. It turned out better than I could have hoped, and all I want to do is turn the lights down low and snuggle with a good book in this cozy space. 

Lets take a quick look down memory lane and see what this room looked like just 3 short weeks ago.

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The One Room Challenge ~ Week 2

So not much has physically happened for my one room challenge project since I revealed the Inspiration last week, but I have been planning my attack, which is always the first step when designing for myself or E-Design clients.

First thing I do is make a Master list of the main pieces I need to source for the space, as well as the big projects I need to do. Other than painting, I don't have any major projects planned for this room...yet.

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