The One Room Challenge ~ Week 2

So not much has physically happened for my one room challenge project since I revealed the Inspiration last week, but I have been planning my attack, which is always the first step when designing for myself or E-Design clients.


First thing I do is make a Master list of the main pieces I need to source for the space, as well as the big projects I need to do. Other than painting, I don't have any major projects planned for this room...yet.

Next, I scour the internet and start sourcing. I pin anything and everything I think will work in this space, along with any inspirational photos I may come across. Once I have pinned a few options of each item I need to source, I will narrow it down and start shopping! (And if you have any interest in following my process, or want to know the sources of anything I use in this room, you can follow myMaster Bedroom pinboard below.)

Even though I don't have much to show of this week, heres what I'm hoping to accomplish over the next week: finalize furnishings, art and accessories and purchase all the main pieces for this space. And I'm planning on getting a start on the painting next weekend!