Happy Holidays!

I just wanted to stop and take a moment to wish all my readers a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

I also had the privilege of showcasing my home in our community this year for the Holiday Home tour. It was a great fundraiser for local charities and I really enjoyed decorating our new home for Christmas and introducing myself to members of the community. I snapped a few photos to share with all of my readers and friends who weren’t able to attend in person. Enjoy the tour and Happy Holidays!

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A look back on 2016 and what lies ahead for 2017

January is always a time to reflect on the past year, and an opportunity to look towards the future. 2016 was a big year of "firsts" for me with a lot of changes professionally, and 2017 will be a big year of changes for me personally, but before I open up that can of worms, lets take a look back on the events that made 2016 memorable around here.

In October, I completed my very first One Room Challenge and made over my Master Bedroom.

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The One Room Challenge Week 6 ~ The Reveal!!

t's finally here!! And I finished JUST under the wire! Phew! I've learned a LOT from this challenge, but I am so glad its done. I can't believe I actually waited so long to finish our Master Bedroom. It turned out better than I could have hoped, and all I want to do is turn the lights down low and snuggle with a good book in this cozy space. 

Lets take a quick look down memory lane and see what this room looked like just 3 short weeks ago.

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The One Room Challenge ~ Week 5

Well we are one week away from revealing our One Room Challenge and I'm not gonna lie....I'm in full blown panic mode. So.Much.To.Do.

October has turned out to be beyond busy for me, which is a blessing, but also means the bedroom has fallen to the bottom of my priority list. Everything has been ordered and is slowly starting to arrive, but y'all...the PAINTING of the room is where I'm struggling! Its still not done. And it is taking me so long to finish. Hence the panic.

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Cincinnati's Bargains & Buyouts!

A few weeks ago, I was invited to a super fun blogging event at THE place to shop for the best deals in home furnishings in the greater Cincinnati area ~ Bargains & Buyouts.

This company is known for its warehouse style of selling fabulous brands of stylish home furnishings at rock bottom prices. We had a chance to sit down with the owner & founder, Marc & Greg, to hear about their story of how they started this business from the ground-up and have grown it into the 2 warehouse stores that it is today.

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The One Room Challenge ~ Week 2

So not much has physically happened for my one room challenge project since I revealed the Inspiration last week, but I have been planning my attack, which is always the first step when designing for myself or E-Design clients.

First thing I do is make a Master list of the main pieces I need to source for the space, as well as the big projects I need to do. Other than painting, I don't have any major projects planned for this room...yet.

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The One Room Challenge ~ Week 1

Confession time....we've lived in our home now going on 8 years, and I have never decorated our Master Bedroom. Deplorable, I know. So when the One Room Challenge dates were announced, I decided this will be the push I finally need to get the ball rolling and finish this room!

If you are not familiar with the One Room Challenge, its an online event put on by Calling It Home that challenges designers, bloggers, and whomever wants to participate, to makeover a room in their house in only 6 weeks. Every Thursday, we will post our progress, and link it up over at Calling It Home, so you can see all the fabulous transformations everyone has planned.

Let's take a look at my bedroom as it  is right now. Ugh. I'm cringing.

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Trending ~ Mud Cloth

It's Tuesday and you know what that means!! Yup. It means we are talking trends.

A few months back, I talked about Shibori , the ancient Japanese art of tie-dye and how this trend was blowing up the internet. Well the Global Textile trend has caught on like wildfire and another form of ancient textile pattern is taking over, this time from Africa and its called  Bogolanfini, or mud cloth.

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A new name, a new look, and a new announcement!

When I started this blog 5 years ago, it was a creative outlet for me to talk about design and decorating while connecting with like minded individuals, something I greatly missed after decided to leave my design job, move to a new country, and stay home to raise my small kids. Little did I know that the blog would teach me new skills, and open up my world to an entirely new way of helping people achieve the home of their dreams. A vision was born, and now that vision has become a reality.

I'm super excited to announce that in addition to a NEW website and a New name, I am now offering E-Design Services.

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