Hi! I'm Sarah. A 30-something Mom of 2 boys who loves helping everyday people achieve their dream of creating an affordable, attainable and livable home that is both stylish and functional. My approachable philosophy on design caters to everybody and every budget. If you would like to learn more about my services, click here. If you would like to learn more about me and my journey, read on!

My Story

My love of design started when I was just a kid. I obsessively needed everything to co-oridante, and was always rearranging or repainting my furniture. My room was always a shrine to what I loved at the time. It went through many (now cringeworthy) transformations from pale blue unicorns to dusty rose florals, to being plastered with posters of Kirk Cameron, but my space always reflected me. And thats what I believe the root of good design is always about. 

My career didn't start in design. It actually started in Merchandising. But after many years in the retail field, I realized it wasn't for me, so I decided to chase my dream and get my degree in Interior Design. After graduating, I worked for a custom homebuilder and assisted clients with everything from selecting finishes to creating custom kitchens to reconfiguring their floor plan to better suit their needs. I really loved that job. Working with people and helping them create their dream home was very satisfying, and I got great joy from that. But life changes and evolves, so after I got married and had a baby, we took a leap of faith and moved from Canada to the US where I decided to make a career at becoming a mom.

A few years into motherhood and 2 babies later, I realized I yearned to connect with other like minded individuals who also loved design and decorating as much as I do. Not ready to go back to work yet, I decided to start blogging and Just The Bees Knees was born. It was a place for me to share my journey of decorating my new home and make it a reflection of me and my growing family, while also being a livable home that catered to 2 wild and crazy kids.

Now that both my kids are in school full time, It's time to jump back into the career I love, and I'm incredibly blessed and grateful I get to do that. I want to be able to provide an affordable design service that is accessible to everyone, fits into your lifestyle and is a reflection of your personality, and I can offer that to my clients through E-Design services. To learn more and find out of E-Design is right for you, click here

I still love blogging, and will continue to do so under my new name, Interiors By Sarah Langtry. Fear not! All my past projects, tutorials and talks about the current trends are right here in this new website. I'd love for you to sit down, grab a coffee, and take a minute to browse through my  content and get to know me a little bit better. And please comment! I'd also love to get to know you a little a better too. If you like what you see, then feel free to follow me along on social media or subscribe to get new posts delivered directly to your inbox that are filled with inspiring and useful design projects, tips and trends. If working with me is something you would like to pursue, then feel free to contact me for some more info. Cheers!